Candy House brings commotion to the arts and the arts excite Candy House!

Having such positive effect on social well being, the arts reach places within people that other methods cannot. We strive to bring people and communities together, creating a format that lifts lives and creates treasured memories and fuels future generations, thus making the arts richer.

We work together with companies to generate business locally and nationwide through artistic installations, event structuring, alternative staffing solutions and transforming ordinary places into theatre spaces. Creating conditions for growth and culture.

With culture comes vision, investors and economic development, providing new skills, confidence in people, self esteem, health benefits and a better quality of life.

Candy House plays a key role in providing artistic installations and activities. Providing people with a powerful means to engage, express emotions and explore, bringing communities and cultures together.

We work and travel overseas, communicating with and placing artistes at the forefront of cultural opportunity and centre stage in re generation.

We thrive on building creative environments and introducing clients and communities to new inspirational artistes.

Candy House strive to grow and develop new innovations. Keeping it simple and loving life through the arts.

Candy House was founded in 2005 by Victoria Ivanov who is today the life and soul of the company and what it stands for. Believing anything is possible through positivity and finding beauty within ourselves Victoria infuses fresh, innovative spirit into all of the projects that Candy House embraces.

Brought up with the bright lights of Blackpool Victoria insists that the cavalcade of variety she experienced at a young age fuelled her determination and passion to work within the arts.

Fellow partner in crime Shelli Cingalee delivers a wealth of knowledge and experience being a third generation in the arts and having had the pleasure of working with some of the best names in show business. Together Victoria and Shelli are the back bone of Candy House who have the ability to twist the traditional offering empowering, exciting, educational and enduring entertainment.

Their inspiration will always stem from Blackpool, their theatrical past there and the passion they have for this extraordinary place.

In 2014 Candy House were commissioned by the Arts Council England to write and programme a theatre in education tour on Blackpool’s heritage which was also produced as a theatrical street performance as part of the Showzam Festival. Engaging future generations with an artistic interpretation of Blackpool’s Victorian History.