Artist Description

A comedy double act who work hard but are the most relaxed performers around – even after twenty one years working together. Seasoned performers who always look like they’re having a great time and are an asset to any event.

Audience participation is a vital part of the act, whether they are doing a theatre show, playing music, or attempting to mix and mingle with the crowd.

They claim that they can cope with anything … except silence!

Excellently presented costumed characters, Trot about horses and Theatre pieces.

Add a bit of atmosphere to your festival or event with these slightly eccentric, in-role costumed characters. They are ready to grace, or disgrace any occasion and will talk to anyone who can put up with them. Often accompanied by a loud-mouthed puppet!

It’s worth making an enquiry since some of these characters can provide a short entertainment with music, arrive on horseback, or maybe in a boat!